Guided Tours

The Town of Bay Roberts offers four scheduled guided tours – Wetland Wonders in the Shearstown Estuary, Heart of Heritage Tour in the Heritage District, Cellars and Songs Tour on Shoreline Heritage Walking Trail, and Toutons and Tunes Tour on the Shoreline Heritage Walking Trail. These tours can be offered at different times and can be customized on request to:

Ron Delaney, Director of Tourism & Economic Development 
t: (709) 786-2126 ext 4

Thursdays at 7pm, July – August

A guided walking tour of the Shearstown Estuary Wetlands. Learn about an estuary, which is a shallow body of water where freshwater meets and mixes with saltwater. The resulting mixture of water is termed “brackish,” or partially salty. Shearstown River, Shearstown Pond, Muddy Hole Road, Arnie’s Pond and the shallow inner reaches of Spaniard’s Bay comprise the Shearstown Estuary. The salinity, or saltiness of the water, varies considerably throughout the estuary with time and location and is dependent on tides, winds and precipitation. See and hear about the plants and animals in this delicately balanced ecosystem. An excellent educational family tour!

Fridays at 2pm, Cost $5, July – August

The “Heart of Heritage” tour starts at 2:00pm at the Cable Building National Historic Site, every Friday until August 18th. Join Lois as she takes you through our Provincial Heritage District, Cable Avenue, with vignettes along the way. Continue onto the graveyard and then to the Victoria Museum & Playhouse, the oldest public building in Bay Roberts then finish at the SUF Dawe Lodge #82 for a cup of tea & entertainment from the Bay Roberts Cultural Foundation.

Saturdays at 2pm, Cost $5, July – August

The “Cellars & Songs” tour starts at 2:00pm from French’s Cove Access Point on the Shoreline Heritage Walking Trail every Saturday until August 19th. The tour begins with root cellars at French’s Cove overlooking Fergus Island, which from this angle looks like a large Newfoundland dog. It continues through the site of the early settlement of the Town at French’s Cove. It concludes with a picnic and traditional Newfoundland music.

Sundays at 2pm, Cost $5, July – October

The “Toutons and Tunes” tour starts at 2:00pm at the Crane’s Hill wharf, the first access point to the Shoreline Heritage Walking Trail. Join Lois, as she shows you the history of Crane’s Hill and Mack’s Beach, with the help of vignettes from the Bay Roberts Cultural Foundation. Finish the tour in the Red Shed with a feed of toutons and traditional Newfoundland music! This tour runs all the way until October.