Trinity Bay South Attractions

A number of towns in Trinity Bay South are within one half hour driving distance of Bay Roberts


Dildo Island has been named a Place of Provincial Significance – “Representing many cultures extending over a 3,000-year span, Dildo Island has played an invaluable role in our province’s prehistory and history.” Whales and many types of birds are seen in the area.

Dildo Island with Blue Sky



Photos of Hopeall Crout’s Way, a trail that John Guy’s colonists cut from Conception Bay to Hopeall in Trinity Bay in 1612. They were hoping to meet and trade with the Beothuk.

Crout's Way sign in Hopeall, Trinity Bay.
Crout’s Way Sign in Hopeall


Green’s Harbour

Green’s Harbour is a large fishing settlement on south side of Trinity Bay which today has a number of stores and services for people of the area.

Mummers at Nic Nacks in Green’s Harbour



Whiteway is a beautiful town with many services for tourists, including Pitcher’s Pond Golf Course.

Iceberg with Shag Rock, Spring 2009
Iceberg with Shag Rock in Whiteway – 2009