Bay Roberts Weather

Friday October 31 2014 at 04:00 local time
Temperature and Humidity
Temperature 9.0o C
Temperature trend over the last three hours -0.4o C/hour
Windchill 9
Dewpoint 8.2o C
Relative humidity 95%
High temperature today 10.4o C at 00:00
Low temperature today 9.0o C at 03:54
Direction and speed Calm
Highest gust in the last 10 minutes 2 km/h
Highest gust today 19 km/h at 00:25
Today's prevailing wind direction and average speed WSW at 4 km/h
Current conditions Cloudy with showers
MSL pressure 1007.8 hPa and rising slowly
Precipitation today 0.0 mm
24-hour precipitation 20.6 mm
Precipitation this month 141.2 mm

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