Bay Roberts Weather

Monday November 24 2014 at 08:00 local time
Temperature and Humidity
Temperature -1.6o C
Temperature trend over the last three hours -0.2o C/hour
Windchill -4
Dewpoint -5.2o C
Relative humidity 76%
High temperature today 1.4o C at 00:00
Low temperature today -2.2o C at 06:59
Direction and speed WNW at 6 km/h
Highest gust in the last 10 minutes 11 km/h
Highest gust today 26 km/h at 01:17
Today's prevailing wind direction and average speed W at 4 km/h
Current conditions Sunny
MSL pressure 1027 hPa and rising rapidly
Precipitation today as water equivalent 0.0 mm
Precipitation this month 119.0 mm
Snow on the ground None

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