Bay Roberts Weather

Tuesday March 03 2015 at 20:00 local time
Temperature and Humidity
Temperature -7.7o C
Temperature trend over the last three hours -1.0o C/hour
Windchill -15
Dewpoint -12.4o C
Relative humidity 69%
High temperature today 2.4o C at 00:00
Low temperature today -7.7o C at 19:50
Direction and speed W at 20 km/h
Highest gust in the last 10 minutes 37 km/h
Highest gust today 79 km/h at 14:04
Today's prevailing wind direction and average speed W at 27 km/h
Current conditions Cloudy. Flurries at times
MSL pressure 1004.6 hPa and rising rapidly
Snow on the ground 9 cm

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