Town of Bay Roberts

The town of Bay Roberts has many attractions for visitors.

English: Cable Building National Historic Site
Cable Building National Historic Site (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

2013 was the ONE HUNDREDTH ANNIVERSARY of the Cable Building National Historic Site and Cable Avenue Municipal Heritage District.  The Bay Roberts Municipal Offices, the Christopher Pratt Gallery, and the “Road to Yesterday Museum” are contained in the Cable Building which is an excellent example of a refurbished heritage property.


English: Klondyke Causeway
Klondyke Causeway (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Klondyke, a causeway that connects Coley’s Point and Bay Roberts, was once considered to be a “gold mine” to local families that were paid to complete it in 1897. Before the construction of the Klondyke, passengers and freight were ferried from Water Street in Bay Roberts to Coley’s Point. During a public meeting in 1897, residents decided to build the causeway. Construction began in the winter months. Rock and gravel were carried to the site in hand-barrels, by horse and sled, and by hand. Men cut a channel through the ice and dumped the rock into the open water. When the Labrador fishery failed in 1897 and many families faced severe hardship, the government agreed to pay the men, women and
children who worked on the construction of the causeway $1 a week to finish the work. Their wage was enough to buy one barrel of flour or one keg of molasses – a welcome relief for people facing a winter of hunger. One store owner in the area (reportedly Mrs. Bursell) compared the project to the Klondyke Gold Rush and, as a result, the causeway got its name – The Klondyke. (with a different spelling)

Since 1996, Bay Roberts has celebrated the construction of the Klondyke and the unique bond between the two communities in the annual Klondyke Days festivities.

English: Sign in the Award Winning Sheastown E...
Sign in the Award Winning Sheastown Estuary (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Shearstown Estuary is located between the towns of Bay Roberts and Spaniard’s Bay. In 2009, Town of Bay Roberts and the Town of Spaniard’s Bay were awarded the Torngat Municipal Achievement Award in the category of Environmental Sustainability, for their joint efforts in managing the Shearstown Estuary. The wetlands contain many species of life – plant and animal.  The  Shearstown Estuary has a series of signs which describe various species.  Walking along the estuary, the visitor can observe many species of birds, including bald eagles and different types of ducks.


English: Three Sisters at Sunrise.
Three Sisters at Sunrise. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The 6km Shoreline Heritage Walking Trail offers spectacular views of Conception Bay.  From one side Bell Island and CBS can be viewed. From the other Spaniard’s Bay, Bishop’s Cove Shore, and Upper Island Cove can be seen.  This was the first settled area of Bay Roberts and stone walls, root cellars, and grave sites can be observed.

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